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Varanasi – Allahabad – Gaya – Ayodhya Tour 4N/5D


Varanasi, the city of temples is an important pilgrimage center in India. Every year, lakhs of tourists flock at this spiritual land to worship Lord Shiva.

Varanasi is endowed with traditions and culture dating back to the inception of civilization on the earth. The city is blessed with the landscape which reflects the various aspects of Hindu traditions. The city of Kashi is the best amalgamation of different religions and cultures existing all together in harmony with each other.

You can book Varanasi Tour Packages and head to this place to witness the divine beauty of Kashi Vishwanath temple and also to perform certain rituals at Kashi.

In addition, get through the places of immense importance in Buddhism, Bodhgaya, where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment with the Varanasi Bodhgaya Tour Package. Gaya is beatified in the Hindu religion as well with the great epics in Ramayana and Mahabharata. It is believed that Lord Rama with his wife Sita and younger brother Lakshman came to this place on the banks of Phalgu River and performed Pind-Daan of his father Dasharatha. Thus, the deceased soul will gain moksha or vimukti from the cycle of death and re-birth.

Furthermore, you can add another sacred place in your spiritual trip which is the birthplace of Lord Rama, i.e. Ayodhya. Hence, plan such a sacred religious tour with the Varanasi Allahabad Ayodhya Tour Package and get through the famous holy attractions in India. To serve your spiritual interests, hire the best tour operation company in Varanasi and experience a spiritual journey covering Kashi, Gaya, Allahabad, and Ayodhya.


Varanasi is known as the “The City of Life” where the pilgrims visit this holy land for soulful blessings of Lord Shiva. Varanasi is known as a spiritual land of India which is located in Uttar Pradesh. You can book Varanasi tour packages to visit this holy land and witness the beauty of Lord Shiva in Kashi Vishwanath Temple. People visit Varanasi or embark on their Kashi Yatra to make themselves free from sins and cremate their loved ones in the soothing holy water. Plan your Varanasi tour and make yourself free from disturbing life and get peace with the best Varanasi tour packages. After visiting Varanasi, you will see temples all over the way you walk which is the beauty of divinity. There are many sacred places to visit in your Varanasi tour such as Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Dashashwamedh Ghat for spiritual Ganga Aarti, New Vishwanath Temple, Tulsi Manas Temple, Tridev Temple, Sankat Mochan temple and Durga Mandir. Kashi Vishwanath temple is the only center of attraction in Varanasi which is nothing but the soulful heart of Lord Shiva. This temple is faith for millions of Hindus as this is considered as the most popular Hindu temple of Lord Shiva. So plan your Varanasi tour with the best Varanasi Allahabad tour package and witness the beauty of soulful sacred India. When you get through your Kashi yatra, you can also visit Sarnath – the place of Buddhism which is very near to the city of Varanasi. Ashoka pillar is the main attraction of Sarnath which is also our country’s national emblem. This is the true place with stupas and sculptures which mainly focuses on Buddhism. You can also visit other Buddhist tourist places with the best Buddhist tour packages to enhance your heart with peace.

Furthermore, one can witness the beauty of the Ganga River in the Kashi yatra by boating in the sacred water where you can see the sunrise reflecting the beauty of Varanasi. The specialty of this boating is to feel the essence of sacred water which is a true blessing of Ganga River in every breath you take. White stork holidays, the best tours and travels in Varanasi offer you the best Varanasi tour packages to witness the evening lights of Ganga Aarti.

Ayodhya: –

Ayodhya also called Ram Janmabhoomi, is the birthplace of Lord Rama in the banks of River Sarayu. Ayodhya is known as one of the seven sacred cities for Hindus and plays an important role in the epic of Ramayana as it is known as the birthplace of Lord Rama. This is considered as the main tourist attraction and people visit this land to feel the power of Lord Rama. Plan your Ayodhya tour with the best Ayodhya tour packages to witness the beauty of Lord Rama’s birthplace. White stork holidays, the best tours and travels in Varanasi provide customers the best family vacation packages to visit India’s best-sacred tourist attractions. Recently, the Supreme Court has paved the way for the construction of Lord Rama’s temple and also the 5acre land to build a mosque for Muslims. You can visit all these places as part of your Kashi Yatra with the best Varanasi tour packages. Ayodhya is a peaceful place where one can visit with the family with the best Varanasi Ayodhya tour package to witness the land of Lord Rama.

There are numerous places to visit in your Ayodhya tour are Sarayu River, Hanuman Garhi, Dashrat Mahal, Patthar cutting, Kanak Bhavan, Ram Janam Bhumi, Karyashala and Ram Patta Abhishekam.

Sarayu River has a strong importance in the history of Ramayana. This is the river where people take a dip as a celebration of Lord Rama’s birthday during Ram Navami festival. Recently, a new history has been created at Ayodhya where 6lakh earthen lamps lit up in the Sarayu River on the eve of Diwali. Make your Ayodhya tour along with your Varanasi tour a true memory of life by choosing the best Varanasi Ayodhya tour package.

In addition, if you love traveling to religious places and wish to explore different places filled with peace and spirituality, you can plan your trip to Nepal from the land of Lord Shiva – Varanasi with the best Nepal tour packages from Varanasi.

Prayagraj (Allahabad): –

Allahabad is also known as Prayagraj is a city located in Uttar Pradesh. Prayagraj is famous for Triveni Sangam, the meeting point of three rivers- the Ganga, the Yamuna, and the Saraswati. Allahabad is famous for its largest Hindu gathering, the Maha Kumbh Mela on the banks of Sangam. Plan your Allahabad tour with the best Allahabad tour package to know the importance of Allahabad and also to witness the other tourist places. The Maha Kumbh Mela is a spiritual occasion held every twelve years and is attended by millions of pilgrims and travelers across the globe. This has been a holy significance for Hindus and believed that those who take a holy dip in the sacred water of Triveni Sangam at Prayagraj get rid of all the sins and attain salvation. Come with your family by booking the best Varanasi Allahabad tour package and get rid of all your sins in the sacred water of Triveni Sangam. Other places to visit in Allahabad are Alopi Devi temple, Hanuman temple, and Anand Bhawan. There are also the other famous temples in Chitrakoot like famous Ram Ghat, Sita Rasoi, Kamadgiri temple, and Janki Kund where the soulful spirituality enhances the heart of every individual. In addition, you can book the best Varanasi Allahabad Gaya tour package and explore these spiritual places to witness the sacred power filled with peace.

Gaya – Bodhgaya: –

Gaya is a famous pilgrimage place equally important for Hindus as well as Buddhists. This place is located on the banks of the holy river Phalgu in Bihar. It is renowned for Pind Daan for the liberation of the beloved souls. So, plan your Kashi yatra along with the Gaya tour and book the best Varanasi Gaya tour package to enter into the world filled with harmony and peacefulness. The Phalgu River has played an important role in the great epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. According to history, Sita has performed Pind Daan for Lord Rama’s father Dasharatha. Rama arrived at Gaya with his brother to consort Sita to perform Pind Daan for his father, Dasharatha. To feel the soul of sacred water, choose the best Varanasi Gaya tour package and get rid of all your sins in the river Phalgu. Another place to witness in Gaya is a Mangal Gauri Darshan.

Bodhgaya is the most important pilgrimage place for Buddhists and most of the pilgrims visit this place in their Kashi Yatra with the best Varanasi tour packages. It is a village in the state of Bihar. The places to visit in Bodhgaya are Bodhi tree, Chinese Temple and the Great Buddha Statue. Plan your Gaya tour with the best Varanasi Allahabad Gaya tour and feel the soul of Buddha down the Bodhi Tree. The statue of Buddha is the main attraction to the people coming from India and abroad with the best Varanasi Gaya tour package.

If you are a true believer of Lord Buddha or wish to visit some of the Buddhist places and monasteries in India, you can get through some of the famous monasteries in the northeast India region with the best North East India tour packages.


Day 1: Arrival in Varanasi

On the first day of your tour, post your arrival at the Varanasi airport or railway station, head to the accommodation place and check-in to the hotel. Then, visit some of the famous temples like Lord Vishwanath temple, Mata Annapurna temple and Kashi Vishalakshi temple (One of the Ashtadash Shaktipeetham) and offer your prayers. Then, get through the Dhasaswamedh Ghat to witness the spiritual Ganga Aarti. You can directly pay money and experience boat ride on the river Ganga which will be more memorable in your Varanasi tour.

Go to the hotel at night and take rest.


Day 2: City Tour in Varanasi

In the morning, if you wish to perform any rituals, we can make the arrangements for that. Then, we will make a visit to the New Vishwanath Temple (B.H.U.), Kaudi Mata temple, Tulsi Manas Temple, Sankat Mochan temple and Durga Mandir. Later, in the night, you can head back to the hotel and take rest.


Day 3: Ayodhya

You will have to get up early in the morning as we need to start this day early by 5 am. We will drive towards Ayodhya in the morning to visit the holy Saryu River and take a holy dip (optional). Then, as part of your Ayodhya tour, make a visit to Ram Janam Bhoomi, Hanuman Garhi, Patthar-cutting Karyashala, Dashrath Mahal, Seeta Vantashala and Kanak Bhavan. Later, you will head to Allahabad and stay overnight in the hotel.


Day 4: Prayagraj (Allahabad)

You will get the opportunity to witness the morning sunrise at Triveni Sangam, the confluence point of three rivers – Ganga, Yamuna & invisible Saraswati. Take a holy dip and perform various rituals (if you wish, we can make the arrangements). Then, as part of your Allahabad tour, make a visit to the famous Alopi Devi temple (Prayag Madhveshwari Shaktipeeth), Hanuman temple and Anand Bhawan. After lunch, drive towards Chitrakoot for night halt.


Day 5: Allahabad – Chitrakoot

On the fifth day, after your breakfast, visit the famous Ram ghat, Gupt Godavari, Sfatik Shila, Sita Rasoi, Kamadgiri and if time permits visit Hanuman Dhara.By afternoon drive back to Varanasi and stay overnight there.


Day 6: Gaya – Bodhgaya

Early in the morning by 4 am you will have to head towards Gaya to visit Vishnupad temple and Mangala Gauri Shaktipeeth. Then, drive to Bodhgaya and make a visit to Mahabodhi Main temple. Later, you can head back to Varanasi and stay overnight at Varanasi.


Day 7: Departure

Check-out from the hotel post breakfast and our representative will make the arrangements to drop you at the Varanasi airport or railway station.


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