In order to cancel your trip, you must submit notice with the booking lead name in-written at our office. You can also send a mail requesting to cancel your tour and we will refund your tour amount after deducting the cancellation charges. We charge you some cancellation amount based on some set scale in order to cover our unexpected loss and it should be paid by you or your traveling partner. 

  • If you cancel your trip in between the booking date and 30 days prior to the departure date, 30% of the booked tour package cost is chargeable. 

  • If you submit a notice regarding the cancellation of your tour from 30-15 days prior to the departure date, we charge you 50% of the desired tour package cost. 

  • If you cancel your tour between 15 to 7 days of the tour departure date, you will be charged with 75% of the tour package cost. 

  • And if you cancel your trip within 5 days of the departure date, we charge you the total tour package cost i.e. 100%. 

White Stork Holidays accept written cancellation requests only on working days. No tour cancellation requests are accepted on Sundays. If you send the cancellation request on Sunday, then it would be considered with the date of the next working day i.e. Monday. If you have booked your tour during Christmas and New Year period i.e. 20th December to 5th January and requested to cancel it, then the amount is not refundable. Rather, you can postpone your tour with the same tour package and avail our services anytime within one year from the booking date. 

If we face any unexpected situations, then White Stork Holidays reserve the right to do any changes in your holiday tour program. If you are not ready to accept particular changes made in your holiday trip which will be informed to you before the date of departure, we are ready to offer you similar and equivalent tour packages of the same price. Otherwise, we also allow you to choose the alternative tour package that is offered on sale and if there is any difference in the prices, the increase in amount compared to the tour package you have selected before will be paid by you or if there is any decrease in amount, it will be refunded by us. Else, if you wish, you can cancel your tour and get the refunded amount as per the above terms and conditions. 

Circumstances Beyond Our Control: –

We are not responsible for any circumstances beyond our control like war, airport closures, the threat of war, epidemic, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, civil unrest, bad weather, and might be any. If any such situations take place, we might change your holiday tour date or we cannot provide our holiday services and you have to suffer the loss or damage. Furthermore, White Stork Holidays does not pay any compensation, cover losses for any amount, and reimburse expenses, or take the responsibility under such conditions. 

Your Responsibilities: –

We expect all our customers to enjoy their holiday trip to the fullest. At the same time, it is very important that you need to take care of your actions too. If any of our team members in authority believes that your actions might trouble, upset, disturb other travelers, and if you damage the property, then we have the right to terminate your contract and end your holiday tour. In addition, you and the other people traveling with you from your side are not allowed to use the booked accommodation, transport and other facilities that are part of the tour package. Also, white stork holidays will not refund you any amount or provide compensation for terminating your contract and the other costs for damaging the property need to be paid by you. Alternatively, you may be allowed to continue your holiday tour but with the penalty of the amount imposed on you. 

In addition to the above actions and effects, you must keep in mind that you are responsible for your safety and the condition of the property you occupy. Also, when you head to the tourist places with a particular tour package, we are not responsible for the accidents caused due to your inappropriate behavior that can result in an injury. 

We want you to experience a peaceful and happy journey with us. In addition, you can have or drink alcohol which would be a part of your enjoyment. But, you are solely responsible for your actions, and the injury, loss or damage that you cause to others after having alcohol. 

We and other traveling people included in the journey will be there to hold you, but you individually or other people from your end will be liable for the damage caused to the furniture and any other materials located in the accommodation and will be charged for creating the loss. If you find any breakage defects or damage in the provided accommodation area, it is your responsibility to inform an appropriate person immediately. Thus, you are responsible for the damage caused due to your actions in your trip, and white stork holidays will not accept liability for the damage caused in the accommodation area due to your inappropriate behavior. Also, we have the right to withdraw any services or facilities as a result of your actions.

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