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Pind Dan is a ritual which is conducted after the Cremation of an individual. Hindus believe that Pind Dan is a must after the death of their loved ones. It is considered to be mandatory and the most vital, ritual of the entire life cycle for the followers of Hinduism. Let’s discuss the importance and the procedure of this ritual.


The Sanskrit word for immersion of cremated ashes and bones in the flowing waters of a river.  Ganga Ghat or Ghats of the Holy Ganges: These banks of the Ganges River are the sacred and prescribed site for the ritual of Asthi Visarjan.


The Sanskrit word Homa (होम) is from the root hu, which refers to “pouring into fire, offer, sacrifice”. Some sources treat the words homa/homam and havan (Sanskrit: हवन) as synonymous


Śrāddha or Shraaddha (Sanskritश्राद्ध) is a Sanskrit word which literally means anything or any act that is performed with all sincerity and faith (Śraddhā). In the Hindu religion, it is the ritual that one performs to pay homage to one’s ‘ancestors‘ (Sanskrit: Pitṛs), especially to one’s dead parents. Conceptually, it is a way for people to express heartfelt gratitude and thanks towards their parents and ancestors, for having helped them to be what they are and praying for their peace.

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